• All packages have been awarded. Work is in progress in full swing at all fronts.
  • Boiler-1 Hydro Test has been successfully completed on 15-Mar-23. Erection of balance structure, RAPH, Bowl Mills, critical & Aux. piping, Equipment’s / Auxiliaries, Refractory, Insulation, Ducts and Backend structure is in progress in Boiler-1. Electrical equipment’s erection is in progress.
  • In Boiler-2, after CG jacking-up, balance structure, pressure parts, Buckstays, Critical piping, coal bunkers etc. erection is in progress. Boiler hydro test of Aux. Boiler also completed successfully.
  • In Unit-1, erection work of Main Power House-1 is almost complete. Turbine has been boxed up on 20.07.23. Turbine shaft coupling, Generator erection in progress. Water chamber connection for both condenser front & rear sides completed. DC system has been commissioned.
  • In Unit-2, TG Deck casted, structural erection work of Main Power House-2 is in progress. Bearing pedestal of turbine placed and grouted on the TG Deck foundation.Condenser erection is in progress.
  • Central Control Room is ready and panel erection is being taken up. Foundation work of CEP for U-1 completed, for U-2 in progress. Civil works of GT-1 completed, GT-2 and UT-1 & 2 in progress.
  • Switch Yard has been successfully charged. Station Transformer-1 also charged.
  • Shell casting of Chimney-1 & 2 completed to full height. In Chimney-1, titanium erection completed, flue can erection in progress.
  • Civil works of associated structures of Ash Handling System (like ASPH, AWPH, Ash Silos, MCC rooms, HCSD Silo etc.), AHP, Ball Mill building, FAE towers, Pipe rack pedestals casting and erection of Mills, Air Pre-Heaters, ESP-1&2, FGD 1 &2 (Absorber 1& 2, Limestone Slurry Tank), Coal Conveyer structure is in progress.
  • Civil work of all Transfer Points (TP) falling in Coal Path-1 is completed except TP-1, and for all conveyors, the work is nearing completion. Erection in TPs, WT-1, Stacker Reclaimer-1, and Coal Crusher House area etc. is in progress. Civil works in MCC buildings (04 out of 05 no.), Limestone crusher house, Gypsum storage Building, Cable trestle etc. is in progress. Pent House civil work completed. WT-3 hopper casting completed and civil work in WT-2 is progressing at Hopper level.
Structural fabrication and supply are nearing completion. Supply of major equipment and other items is also under progress.
  • Work of Cooling Tower-1&2, Railway Siding, Ash Dyke and Water Treatment Plant are well in progress.
  • National Highway NH-91 passing through the project land has been diverted.
  • In Make-up Water package for Plant, Intake structures, Pumphouse & Pipeline work has been completed, equipment commissioning in progress. Cable laying between pump house and plant is in completion stage. Facility is nearly ready to provide water to plant.
  • For Power evacuation, Khurja- Aligarh transmission lines are ready.
  • Expenditure incurred on the Khurja STPP till July-2023 is Rs. 8079.83 Cr. and 1st Unit is anticipated to be Commissioned by Feb-2024.