• Koteshwar Hydro-Electric Project (400 MW), located 22 km downstream of Tehri, is an integral part of Tehri Power Complex comprising of Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW), Tehri PSP (1000MW) and Koteshwar HEP (400MW) to develop Hydro-electric potential of river Bhagirathi. It will facilitate the functioning of Tehri Power Complex as a major peaking station in Northern grid as reservoir created by Koteshwar Dam having a live storage capacity of 35.0 MCM will function as lower (balancing) reservoir for Tehri PSP. This project is also regulating water releases from Tehri reservoir for irrigation purpose.
    Govt. of India approved the implementation of Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project (4X100 MW) in April’2000; at a cost of 1301.56 Cr including IDC of 190.04 Cr at Oct.’99 price level. Standing Committee on Time & Cost overrun in its fourth meeting held on 18th July’ 12 decided that THDCIL will submit updated RCE incorporating anticipated Completion Cost. RCE has been approved by CEA to ₹ 2386.41 Cr including IDC & FC of  ₹ 383.88 Cr at Mar’12 PL vide letter No. 206/10/2013/HPA/637-38 dated 09.10.13
    All four units (Unit-I, Unit-II, Unit-III & Unit-IV) were synchronized with the Northern Grid in March’ 11, March’11, Jan’12 & Mar’12 respectively and are in commercial operation w.e.f. 1st Apr’11, 26th Oct’11, 13th Feb’12 & 1st Apr’ 12 respectively.
    State  Uttarakhand
    District  Tehri Garhwal
    Vicinity  Koteshwar Dam on river Bhagirathi is located near  Pendaras Village about 22 Km. downstream of Tehri Dam site.
    Catchments Area  7,691 sq. km. at dam site
    Snow catchments  2,328 sq. km.
    Design flood  13,240 cumecs
    Annual Run off  8.14 Km3 
    Annual normal water flow  258.0 cumecs
    Storage Reservoir
    Full Reservoir Level(FRL)  EL. 612.5 m.
    Maximum Flood Level(MFL)  EL. 615.0 m.
    Minimum Draw Down Level(MDDL)  EL. 598.5 m.
    Gross Storage upto FRL  88.9 MCM.
    Live Storage Capacity  35.0 MCM

    Diversion Tunnel
    Size & Type 8.0 m. dia. Horse shoe type
    Length 593.0 m.
    Discharge 1180 cumecs
    Type Concrete Gravity
    Maximum height above Deepest Foundation Level 97.5 m.
    Elevation of Top of dam  EL 618.5 m.
    Crest Length  300.50
    Length of non-over-flow section 196.50 m
    Discharge Capacity  
    at FRL(612.5 m.)  9,140 cumecs
    at MFL(615.0 m.)  13,240 cumecs
    Number of bays  4
    Bay width  18 m.
    Crest Elevation  594.50 m.
    Type of Service gates  Radial
    Size of Gates 18 m. x 16 m.
    Power Intake
    Location Right Bank integrated into water  retaining structure.
    Intake Sill Level 582.5 m.
    Number and size of Penstocks 4 nos. 6.2 m. dia.
    Type of service gate Fixed wheel
    Power House
    Type Surface at toe of dam
    Location Right Bank
    Number of Units 4
    Rated Unit Capacity 100 MW
    Installed capacity 400 MW
    Type of Turbine Vertical shaft Francis type
    Max. head 75.0 m.
    Minimum head 58.0 m.
    Rated head 69.0 m
    Max. Flow through each Unit at rated head 161 cumecs
    Switch Yard
    Type Outdoor on surface 400 KV
    Size 215.5 m x 136 m.
    Power Generation
    Design Energy in 90% dependable year 1155 MU
    •    Peaking Power- 400 MW
    •    Design Energy-1155MU ( 90% dependable year)
    •    Relelulation of water releases from Tehri Reservoir for irrigation Purposes
    •    Koteshwar Reservoir will funtion as the pre requisite lower reservoir for Tehri PSP

Updated on : 24/04/2018