• THDC proposes to add 2964 MW during 2021-2024 in the Capacity Addition Programme of MoP with the planned commissioning of following Projects:

1.    Tehri PSP                                           -            1000 MW
2.    VishnugadPipalkoti HEP                  -             444 MW
3.    Solar Power Plants                           -             200 MW
4.    Khurja STTP                                       -            1320 MW

                                        TOTAL              -            2964 MW
  • Further, THDCIL is involved in development of 2000 MW and 1500 MW Solar Power Parks in State of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan respectively through Joint Ventures with respective State Nodal Agencies.
  • THDCIL is also exploring possibilities of development of Hydro Electric, Pumped Storage and Renewable Energy Schemes in various parts of the country as well as neighboring Countries.