• To develop the hydropower in Maharashtra, Govt. of Maharashtra (GoMH) has allotted two Pumped Storage Schemes namely, Malshej Ghat PSS (600 MW - now enhanced to 700 MW) and Humbarli PSS (400 MW) to the Joint Venture (JV) of THDCIL and NPCIL.

    However, THDCIL has presently decided to take up the implementation of Malshej Ghat PSS only.

    THDCIL submitted DPR of proposed project with enhanced installed capacity of 700 MW to the Secretary (CAD), GoMH on, therein also requesting to sign the MoU for implementation of the project on 16.09.2010.

    Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra in meeting held on 29th April-11 agreed for implementation of the Malshej Ghat PSS (700 MW) through JV of THDCIL and NPCIL subjected to approval of state cabinet.

    Discussions were held with GoMH on draft Implementation Agreement (IA) on 5th Nov-11 and comments of the JV on draft IA were submitted to Joint Secretary (WRD), GoMH on 18th Nov-11.

    Hon'ble Minister of Power, GoI vide letter dated 17th Sept-12 and letter dated 21st March-13 had requested Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra to consider approval of signing of Implementation Agreement.

    In response, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra vide letter dated 4th April-13 has desired to discuss the issue with the concerned officials.

    Officers of THDCIL & NPCIL had a meeting with Principal Secretary (CAD), GoMH in May’ 2014.

    A meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Maharashtra, on 19.11.2015, during which it was agreed upon for implementation of Malshej Ghat PSS (700 MW) through the proposed JV of THDCIL, NPCIL and WRD with participation of State in the JV with 30% equity (minutes of meeting issued by WRD, Maharashtra on 04.02.16).

    In response to THDCIL’s letter dated 15-07-2021, an invitation from Secretary (CAD), WRD, GoMH was received. THDCIL had a meeting with Secretary (CAD), WRD, GoMH including other State Government officials on 27-08-2021 at Mumbai.

    During meeting it was desired by Secretary (CAD) to submit various financial models for the project and rate of return to GoMH.

    Subsequent to meeting held on 27-08-2021, Minutes of Meeting (MoM) has been issued by O/o Secretary (WRD), GoMH vide letter dated 29-09-2021.

    In continuation to above letter dated 29/09/2021, THDCIL has elaborated the Benefits to GoMH from the project to Secretary (CAD) vide letter dated 11/10/2021. Response of THDCIL’s above mentioned letter from GoMH is awaited.

Updated on : 17/01/2022