The Corporation’s objectives are as under:

a)     Short Term objectives (1 – 2 Years)
  • Commissioning of Tehri PSP (1000 MW) by 2022-23.
  • To develop 600 MW capacity of Solar Park, each at Jhansi and Lalitpur District of UPunder UMREPPs through JV Company (TUSCO).
  • To enter into JV with RRPCL for development of Ultra Mega Solar Power Parks in Rajasthan.                    
  • To obtain Hydro Power Projects in the State of Uttarakhand and neighboring country Bhutan. 
  • Business diversification through utilization of the available in-house technical and managerial expertise.
  • Preparation & Submission of DPR of Bokang Bailing (200 MW).
  • Firming up modalities for implementation of BunakhaHEP(180MW) and of Sankosh HEP (2585 MW).
b)      Medium Term Objective (2 – 5 Years)
  • Commissioning of VishnugadPipalkoti HEP (444 MW) by 2023-24.
  • Commissioning of Khurja STPP (1320 MW) by 2024-25.
  • Finalization and signing of Implementation Agreement with Maharashtra State Govt. for 700 MW MalshejGhat PSS.
  • Commissioning of Solar Power Projects (with SECI) totaling to 200 MW capacity by 2024-25.
  • To start construction works of Bokang Bailing (200 MW).
  • To develop additional 800 MW Solar Power Park in Uttar Pradesh, through JV.
  • To develop 1500 MW Solar Power Park in Rajasthan through JVC between THDCIL and RRPCL.
  • To secure solar power capacity of atleast 1000 MW under International Solar Alliance
  • To increase the business spread of THDCIL in storage technologies and geographical expansion in Foreign Countries.
 c)        Long Term objectives (> 5 Years)   
  • To ensure commissioning of the following Projects 
1. JhelamTamak HEP 108 MW
2. Bokang Bailing 200 MW
3. MalshejGhat PSP 700MW
  • To attain stand alone installed capacity of 1000 MW in Wind Power and Solar Power.
  • To undertake projects and participate in Govt of India’s National Hydrogen Mission