Company Profile:
THDC India Ltd. has the experience of Corporate and Project Planning, Design & Engineering, Construction Management, Erection & Commissioning, Contracts Operations/ Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Commercial Management and enriched with the experience of tackling the problems encountered during execution of gigantic 2400MW Tehri Hydro Power Complex (1000MW HPP, 400MW Koteshwar HEP & 1000MW PSP), Dhukwan SHEP 24MW and VishnuGad Pipalkoti HEP (444MW) beside other projects in pipeline.

To effectively pass on the in-house experience gained and the expertise available, a dedicated consultancy wing has been set up in THDCIL, which is capable of providing consultancy services to its esteemed customers in an integrated manner from concept to commissioning of hydro electric projects to national and international organizations.

The consultancy in the field of Rock & Earth fill /Concrete Gravity Dam, tunnel, surface and underground power plants, slope stabilization, Pumped Storage Schemes, road /highway tunnels etc. has been provided by THDCIL to various Organizations.

THDCIL has shared its expertise in providing Design & Engineering solutions to the GoUK for the hill stabilization of Varunavat Parvat in district Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand including supervision of the works – A Case Study on Integrated Approach for Stabilization of Varunavat Parvat Landslide has also been published by Missouri University of Science and Technology in its sixth international conference on case histories in geotechnical engineering (2008). Since then, THDCIL has bestowed with many such projects in its legacy.