TEHRI DAM & HPP (STAGE-I)-Social Concern

Rehabilitation & Resettlement

R&R Policy for Tehri Dam

Due to construction of the Tehri Complex, a total area of 5200 ha., will get submerged. With this, the Old Tehri Town and 26 villages (including 2 of Koteshwar) will come under full submergence, while another 86 villages (including 14 of Koteshwar) will only be partially affected. In addition, 13 more villages will be affected for the construction of infrastructural facilities like workshop, project colony and the New Tehri Township developed for rehabilitating the urban population.
The Rehabilitation Plan has been broadly divided into Rural Rehabilitation and Urban Rehabilitation. Affected families under Rural Rehabilitation are categorised as "Fully affected" or "Partially affected". The families whose 50% or more land is being acquired are treated as Fully Affected. Those families whose less than 50% land is coming under submergence are categorised as "Partially Affected". In case of Urban population of Tehri Town, all 5291 families living in the Town as on the cut-off date of 06.06.1985, are treated as fully affected.
Under Rural Rehabilitation, there are 5429 Fully Affected families due to Tehri Dam, which are to be rehabilitated. Another 3810 rural families are Partially Affected and are not going to be displaced; they would be paid cash compensation for their land under submergence or would be allotted equal land above submergence level.
Urban Rehabilitation Programme involves a total of 5291 families, covered within the cut-off date of June, 1985.
As per Govt. decision, R&R works were transferred to the U.P. State Govt. in Jan.’99 for implementation, under control and supervision of commissioner, Garhwal, with funds to be provided by THDC. With the formation of Uttaranchal State, R&R is now being implemented by Uttaranchal State Govt. since January, 2001.
The basic principles that had guided the formation of the Rehabilitation Policy are:
  1. - Rural oustees to be compensated through allotment of agricultural land or cash in lieu thereof.
- The Rural oustees should be settled in large blocks so that the fabric of their social life remains intact.
  1. - Oustees or their representatives be involved to the extent possible in selecting the rehabilitation centers.
  1. - To the extent possible, consideration be given to the preference of the oustees for settlement at a particular centre.
  1. - Community facilities be provided at each of the rural rehabilitation centers at the cost of the project even if these did not exist at their earlier settlements.
Within the framework of the set principles, which guided the formation of Rehabilitation Policy, an attractive and a liberal rehabilitation package was evolved, which has been improved from time to time, including measures
approved by the Govt based on the recommendations of the Hanumantha Rao Committee.
The Rehabilitation Package is as under;
Definition of Family
For the purposes of entitlement of Rehabilitation benefits to land owners, family is represented by the head of the family, in whose name the land is entered in revenue records as on date of Section-4(i) notification, and includes all members dependent on him. In case of death of land owner (head of family) take place prior to issue of Section-4(i) notification, all legal heirs become eligible to receive rehabilitation benefits.
All major sons & unmarried daughters of entitled fully affected family who have attained the age of 21 years and dependent parent (mother / father) are eligible for ex-gratia payment.
Rural Package
Land Owner Family
  1. - 2 acres of developed irrigated land, or half acre of developed irrigated land adjacent to Municipal limits of Dehradun, Haridwar or Rishikesh cities, or cash of Rs. 5 lacs in lieu of allotment of land, as per their option.
  1. - Compensation for acquired land as per Land Acquisition Act plus solatium @ 30%. Even if acquired land is less than 2 acres, 2 acres of developed irrigated land is given, cost of which to be adjusted from the amount of compensation payable in respect of acquired land. If the cost of land acquired is more than the cost of allotted land, the oustees would be paid the difference of cost; and if it is less, difference in cost will not be recovered.
  1. - Cost of house property/trees acquired to be evaluated at the PWD/Forest/Horticulture deptt. rates plus solitium. Further, ex-gratia equivalent to amount of depreciation, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000 is payable. Minimum compensation in case of house is Rs. 1.00 lac.
  1. - Allotment of residential plot of 200 sq. m. to each family at nominal cost.
  1. - Cash grant for shifting is Rs. 5200/- and for seeds/fertilizers is Rs. 4960/-.
  1. - Additional incentive grant of Rs. 15,000/- payable to those who shift within 6 months from date of award of compensation or date of allotment of land, whichever is later, after handing over their acquired property.
  1. - All the eligible additional family member for fully affected rural families attaining the age of 21 years as on 19.07.90, and dependent parent (Mother/Father) would receive ex-gratia amount equivalent to 750 days of minimum agricultural wage per member.
  1. - Cash grant ranging from Rs. 80,000/- to Rs. 1,20,000/- to each rural shop holder depending upon the locations.
Landless Agricultural Labourers
  1. - Land free of cost @ 2 acre / ½ acre / Rs.5.00 Lac cash option, as applicable to rural project affected families, on certification by the concerned District Magistrate.
  1. - Ex-gratia grant to additional family members as applicable for fully affected rural families.
Urban Package
  1. - Land owners including Nazul land holders are given residential plot of various size (60, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 sq.m.) in proportion to their holdings at very nominal cost (ranging from Rs. 5 per sq. m. for plot up to 150 sq.m. to Rs. 150 per sq.m. for plots of size 300 sq.m.) at locations as per choice, in addition to compensation of house property as calculated in case of rural properties(Average rate of developed plot is in the range of Rs.1000/- per sq.m.).
  1. - House construction assistance, as grant to the land owners at following rates less compensation already paid;
    1. o 60 –100 Sq.m. plot holders - Rs. 2.50 lacs
    2. o 150-200 Sq.m. plot holders - Rs. 3.50 lacs
    3. o 250-300 Sq.m. plot holders - Rs. 4.50 lacs
  1. - Ready to built houses/flats to entitled tenant, on subsidized cost at pre-1989 rates.
  2. - Benap house owners who constructed house before 6.6.1985 are allotted either house/flats or plots (if available).
  3. - Allotment of shop at subsidized cost (Rs.1600/- per sq.m.) in NTT/Dehradun/Rishikesh to those running shops at Old Tehri Town.
  4. - Compensation for "Saj-Sajja", for shopkeepers.
  5. - One shop to be allotted to shop owner who were not running shop(s) themselves in Old Tehri Town.
  6. - Cash grant of Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 4000/- for transportation of household effects and Rs.1500/- to Rs.2000/- for commercial goods. In addition, entitled families who hand over their acquired properties and shift to new allotted sites within a period of 6 months from the date of allotment of plot/flat, an incentives grant of Rs. 12000/- per family is payable.
  7. - One room flat to EWS families free of cost, upto a maximum of 100 families.
  1. - All additional eligible family members of entitled landowner families as per criteria defined under rural package, get ex-gratia amount equivalent to 750 days of minimum agricultural wage per member.
  1. - Cash option allowed in lieu of allotment of plots (Rs. 1.10 lac to Rs. 3.00 lacs), flat (1.00 lac) and shop (Rs. 0.25 lac to Rs. 0.60 lac).
  1. - Govt. of Uttaranchal paid cash grant to shop keepers of Old Tehri Town ranging from Rs.1.00 Lac. to Rs.3.00 Lacs. depending upon category of shop.
  1. - Govt. of Uttaranchal paid cash grant of Rs.1.50 Lacs. each to advocates of Old Tehri Town who were practicing before the year,1985.