• The Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (4 x 111 MW) is located on river Alaknanda, a major tributary of river Ganga, in district Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand. The nearest railhead is Rishikesh (225 Km) and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun (240 Km). The project is approachable by an all weather road (National Highway 58). The project envisages a run of the river scheme with construction of a diversion dam of 65 m height across river Alaknanda for power generation harnessing a gross head of 237 m. The reservoir will have a gross storage capacity of 3.63 Million Cum, out of which 2.47 Million Cum shall be live storage. A diversion tunnel of 10.50 m dia. shall divert the discharge up to 725 Cumec during the construction period. The water conductor system comprises of 03 intake tunnels, 03 underground de-silting chambers, a head race tunnel, a surge shaft, 02 pressure shafts bifurcating into 4 penstocks. The power house comprises of two separate underground caverns namely machine hall and transformer hall for installation of turbines and transformers.

    Revised Cost Estimate
    Investment approval to the project amounting to Rs. 2491.58 Cr (Mar’08 PL) was accorded by CCEA in Aug’08. RCE of ₹ 3860.35 Cr. at Feb'2019 PL has been approved on 31.07.2021.

    Expected Commissioning of Project
    Project is expected to be commissioned by Mar-25.
    A.   LOCATION:
    State                                                                         Uttarakhand
    Distt.                                                                         Chamoli
    River                                                                         Alaknanda  

    Full reservoir level                                                   E L   1267 m
    Maximum water level                                                 E L   1269 m (PMF)
    Minimum draw down level                                         E L   1252.5 m
    Gross storage at FRL                                                 3.63 M cum
    Live storage                                                                2.47 M cum 

    Diversion Tunnel:
    Location                                                                     Left bank
    Length                                                                        500 m
    Diameter, shape                                                        10.50 m, Circular
    Design Discharge                                                      725 m3/sec 

    D.   DIVERSION DAM:    
    Type                                                                           Concrete, gravity dam
    Height                                                                        65 m
    Top Level                                                                   EL 1270 m
    Length                                                                        98.02 m (NOF 32.02 m, OF 66 m)      
    Gross Head                                                                237.0 m
    Nos.                                                                           4
    Size of sluice                                                              9 m (W) x 18.50 m (H)
    Type of gate                                                               Radial
    Design Discharge                                                     8921 m3/sec
    Diversion cum Spillway Tunnel:
    Diameter, shape                                                         10.50 m dia, Circular
    Length                                                                        100 m
    Design Discharge                                                       1578 m3/sec 

    Ogee spillway
    No.                                                                             1
    Type of gate                                                               vertical
    Size                                                                            6 m (W) x 10 m (H)
    Crest EL                                                                     EL 1257 m
    Design Discharge                                                       368 m3/sec

    Location                                                                      Right bank
    Nos.                                                                            3
    Type                                                                           Straight intake with bell mouth
    Maximum discharge                                                   274.63m3/sec
    Intake invert level                                                       EL 1242.5 m
    Size                                                                            6.2 m modified Horse shoe type
    Nos.                                                                            3
    Size                                                                            390m(L)x16m(W)x21.25m(H)
    Particle size to be removed                                        0.2 mm & above
    Length                                                                        13.4 km (12.0 km by TBM)  
    Diameter                                                                         8.8 m
    Diameter                                                                     22/15 m  
    Height                                                                         154 m
    Nos.                                                                            2 / 4
    Type                                                                           Circular
    Diameter                                                                     5.2 m / 3.65 m
    Type                                                                           Underground
    Size                                                                             146 m (L) x 20.3 m (W) x 48 m (H)
    Type                                                                           Underground
    Size                                                                             140.3 m (L) x 15 m (W) x 25.5 m (H)

    Dia                                                                              9.1 m (Circular)
    Length                                                                        3.07 km
    Design Energy (95% M/c Availability)                        1657.09 MU
  • DateEvent
    06.12.2013Completion of land acquisition critical to project
    01.01.2009Submission of Forest Proposal
    03.06.2011Receipt of Stage-I Forest clearance 
    05.04.2014Receipt of Working permission
    28.05.2013Receipt of Stage-II Forest clearance
    20.12.2012Receipt of Wild-life Clearance
    22.08.2007 Receipt of Environment Clearance
    10.04.2007Receipt of Clearances from State Pollution Control Board
    26.02.2007PIB/EFC proposal Approval
    21.08.2008CCEA Approval/Investment approval
    19.12.2013Award of EPC Contract to M/s HCC Ltd. for Civil Works & HM Equipment works including penstock steel liners
    17.10.2014Award of EPC Contract to M/s BHEL for EM Works
  • Construction of the project is proposed to be funded with a Debt: Equity ratio of 70:30. Earlier the Equity portion 50% was to be shared by THDCIL and remaining 50% by GoI and GoUP in the ratio of 75: 25 respectively. However, after the strategic sale of GoI equity in THDCIL to NTPC on 27.03.2020, the equity of GoI shall be shared by NTPC instead of GoI.

    For the funding of the debt portion (70%) of the project, loan agreement for US $648 million has been signed with World Bank on 10.08.2011. The loan includes US $10 million for Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening (CBIS). The loan has become effective from 07.11.2011 with tenure of 29 years.

    However, on the request of THDCIL, the World Bank has cancelled partial loan proceeds of US $100 million each on 27.06.2019 and 07.04.2021. The loan amount for this project is now US $448 million.

    The World Bank has also granted further extension of Loan Closing Date till 30.06.2022 on its expiry on 30.06.2021.
    1. Capacity addition of 444 MW in the Northern Region, reducing peaking power shortage in the region.
    2. Design Energy of 1657.09 MU (95% of M/c availability).
    3. Integrated Development of Chamoli / Garhwal region in the areas of employment, communication, education, health, tourism, development of Flora & Fauna, etc.
    4. Out of 13% free power to the home state Uttarakhand, 1% shall be utilized for contribution towards local area development.

Updated on : 05/08/2022