• Introduction
    1. Amelia Coal Block is located in District-Singrauli of Madhya Pradesh
    2. This Block was earlier allotted to Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation Limited by Govt. of India, Ministry of Coal, dated 12.01.2006.
    3. Amelia Coal Block has been re-allocated to THDC India Limited vide Allotment Order dated 17.01.2017 by Govt. of India, Ministry of Coal, to meet out fuel requirement of Khurja STPP (1320 MW) in Distt. Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh located at a distance of 856 km from Amelia Coal Mine via rail route.
    4. CCEA accorded Investment Approval for Amelia Coal Mine at an estimated cost of Rs. 1587.16 Cr. (Dec-17 PL).
    5. Date of Completion/ Grant of Opening Permission: 44 Months from Zero Date 12.12.2018* (i.e.11.08.2022)
  • Salient features
    • Peak Rated Capacity             5.6 MTPA (OC) 
    • Stripping Ratio                       3.67 m3 /t
    • Grade of Coal                        G9 (Avg. GCV = 4746 Kcal/Kg)
    • Net Geological Reserve        162.05 MT
    • Extractable Coal Reserve     139.48 MT
    • Life of Mine North Quarry     28 years
    • Mode of operation                  MDO
    • Opening of Mine                    August’2022 
    • Start of production                 2nd Year
    • Achieving PRC                         4th Year
    • Mode of Coal Transport         By Conveyor from Mine to Devragram Railway Station
                                                              By Rail from Devragram Railway Station to Khurja STPP
  • DateEvent
    29.08.2016MoC, GoI allocated Amelia Coal Mine to THDCIL to meet out fuel requirement of the Khurja STPP
    15.12.2016Allotment Agreement signed between MoC, GoI & THDCIL
    17.01.2017Allotment Order of Amelia Coal Mine to THDCIL issued
    12.12.2018Stage-I Forest Clearance for diversion of 843.76 ha forest land accorded by MoEF&CC, GOI after deduction of 411.50 ha forest land
    07.03.2019CCEA accorded Investment Approval for Amelia Coal Mine at an estimated cost of Rs. 1587.16 Cr. (Dec-17 PL).
    28.03.2019MOU for diversion/ shifting of existing 3 Nos. HT lines passing through Amelia Coal Mine signed with PGCIL.
    31.08.2019Award for 336.59 Ha private land of Village Piderwah (declared on 27.11.2009 under provisions of LA ACT 1894) revised and declared.
    15.10.2019Collector, Singrauli passed the order for change of land use of Govt. Land which was reserved for common purposes.
    28.11.2019PGCIL awarded the work of shifting of HT Lines
    24.12.2019R&R policy for project affected families of Amelia Coal Mine Project approved by Commissioner, Rewa.
    13.03.2020Revised Mining Plan (including Mine Closure Plan) with revised PRC 5.6 MTPA approved by MoC.
    02.05.2020Agreement for Connection of 8 MVA HT Line executed between THDCIL and MPPKVVCL
    04.12.2020MOU signed between THDCIL and MPHIDB for preparation of R&R Colony Layout plan & detailed estimate of leveling of surface and construction of boundary wall for R&R site
    15.02.2021Stage-II Forest Clearance by MoEF&CC 
    13.05.2021Proposal for diversion of 0.87 ha forest land has been submitted on PARIVESH portal of MoEF&CC 
    03.08.2021MoEF&CC accorded approval for grant of transfer of Environmental Clearance (EC) to THDCIL.
    16.08.2021Mining Lease sanctioned by Under Secretary, Govt. of MP, Mineral Resource Department, Bhopal.
    24.08.2021Mining lease deed signed between THDCIL & District Collector, Singrauli
    06.09.2021Mining lease deed registered in the office of Registrar, Singrauli.
    13.09.2021Permission to enter and start mining work in Govt. land of Coal Block granted by District Collector, Singrauli.
    13.09.2021Escrow Account has been opened and Escrow Account Agreement has been signed between THDCIL, Coal Controller Organization and Escrow Agent (Punjab National Bank).
    24.09.2021Stage-I FC accorded for 0.87 Ha Forest land required for CEC&RS
    28.09.2021MoU signed between THDCIL & MPHIDB for site leveling work.
    04.10.2021Signing of MoU with IIT, BHU for preparation of design, drawings, estimate etc. of R&R colony
    06.10.2021MoU signed with Van Vikas Nigam Ltd. for fencing & plantation works in 7.5 mtr. width along the boundary of Amelia Coal Block.
    14.10.2021MP Pollution Control Board granted Consent to Establish (CTE) under Water Act 1974 & Air Act 1981.
    20.12.2021Possession for Govt. land (14.288 Ha) and Private Land (11.540 Ha) of CEC &RS given by Collector, Singrauli.
    19.01.2022FRA certificate by District Collector, Singrauli for diversion of 0.87 Ha Forest land Issued
    27.01.2022Stage-II/ Final Clearance for diversion of 0.87 Ha Forest Land of CEC&RS has been accorded by M.P. State Govt.
    15.02.2022Mine Opening Permission granted by Ministry of Coal
    03.03.2022LOA for MDO issued to M/s BCML & Consortium.
  • Project Benefits
    Amelia Coal Mine having Net Geological Reserve of 162.05 MT (Extractable Coal Reserve of 139.48 MT) will fulfill the fuel requirement of Khurja STPP (1320 MW) at Khurja.


Updated on : 11/04/2022