Boiler Light Up at KSTPP, Khurja: A Milestone Achievement

Today marks a significant achievement for the Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant (2x660 MW) as it announces the successful completion of Unit-1 Boiler light up, a crucial milestone in its journey towards commercial operation. This achievement paves the way for the upcoming milestone of unit synchronization, signalling the plant's progress towards commencing full-scale operations.
Sh. R. K. Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director of THDCIL, expressed his deepest appreciation for the successful completion of Unit-1 Boiler light-up at the Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant. This significant milestone is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment of our entire team. It reaffirms our mission to provide reliable and efficient power generation to meet the growing energy demands of the region.
Sh. Vishnoi informed that the aforementioned testimony elucidates the commitment made by THDC. He mentioned that Unit-1 Boiler is designed to generate 2100 Tonnes Per Hour (TPH) of main steam at a temperature of 603°C and a pressure of 278 kg/cm2. These specifications underscore the plant's capability to produce high-quality steam efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. The Boiler Light Up of Unit-01 at KSTPP (2x660MW Khurja Super Critical Thermal Power Plant) marks a significant milestone in the project's progression. This event signals the commencement of the boiler's operations and is a crucial step towards the plant's operational readiness.
Sh.Bhupender Gupta, Director (Technical) of THDCIL acknowledged this milestone with the following statement: “As we commemorate this momentous occasion, we extend our sincere gratitude to all employees, contractors, and local communities. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone. Their dedication and collaborative efforts have proven vital in overcoming challenges and driving progress at every juncture of this journey”.
Looking ahead, the team at Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant remains committed to upholding the highest standards of operational excellence. With Unit-1 Boiler light up successfully completed, KSTPP team is now ready to achieve further milestones towards becoming a leading provider of energy in the region.
The event was witnessed by Sh. Bhupender Gupta, Director (Technical), Sh. Kumar Sharad ED-(Project), Sh. R.M. Dubey GM(Electrical), Sh. B.K. Sahoo GM (C/O&M), Sh. Prabhat Ranjan GM (Civil), Sh. Shailesh Dhyani AGM (Mechanical) and other senior officials of THDC, NTPC, LMB,BHEL and other agencies working at site.

Updated on : 22/03/2024