The Company -THDCIL

THDC India Limited is a leading Power Sector and Profit-making Public Sector Enterprise and registered as a Public Limited Company in July-1988 under the Companies Act, 1956. THDCIL was conferred ‘Mini Ratna’ Category-I Status in Oct-2009 and up-graded to Schedule ‘A’ PSU in July-2010 by the Govt. of India.

The Equity of Company was shared between Govt. of India and GoUP in the ratio of 75:25. Pursuant to Strategic Sale of THDCIL, legal and beneficial ownership of equity held by the President of India in THDC India Limited which represents 74.496% of total paid up capital of THDCIL was transferred to NTPC Ltd. Equity in THDC India Limited is now shared between NTPC Limited and Government of UP in a ratio of 74.496 and 25.504.

The Authorized Share Capital of the Company is ₹ 4000 Cr. and paid up capital as on   30th Sept, 2022 is ₹ 3665.88 Cr. THDCIL started earning profits from first year (2006-07) of commercial operation of its maiden project i.e. Tehri HPP (1000 MW) and THDCIL is a consistently profit-making company since then.

THDCIL was constituted with the sole objective to develop, operate & maintain the 2400 MW Tehri Hydro Power Complex (Tehri HPP-1000 MW, Tehri PSP-1000 MW and Koteshwar HEP-400 MW), and other Hydro projects.  The Corporation has grown into a Multi-Project Organization, with Projects spread over various States as well as neighboring country, Bhutan. it has also forayed into generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and thermal power plants. Presently, THDCIL has a portfolio of 10 projects (Hydro, Thermal, Wind & Solar), with a total capacity of 4516 MW. This, includes 1587 MW operational Projects (Tehri HPP-1000 MW, Koteshwar HEP-400 MW, Dhukwan SHP-24 MW, Patan Wind Farm-50 MW, Devbhumi Dwarka Wind Farm-63 MW and Kasaragod Solar Power Plant -50 MW) and 2764 MW under Construction Projects ( Tehri PSP- 1000 MW, VPHEP 444 MW and Khurja 1320 MW) . The other projects are under various stages of development / implementation.
Further, THDCIL is also developing 2000 MW UMREPPs (600 MW capacity of Solar Park, each at Jhansi and Lalitpur District and 800 MW at Chittarkoot District of UP) through SPV (a JV of ‘THDCIL’ and ‘UPNEDA’ named ‘TUSCO’) in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

In addition, a number of Projects are in the business development stage.