• Jelum Tamak Hydro Electric Project (108 MW) is Run-off-River scheme on river Dhauliganga, a tributary of Alaknanda and located near Jhelum and Dugtu village, 52km from Joshimath in district Chamoli, Uttrakhand.

    Updated DPR for installed capacity of 108 MW submitted to CEA for examination on 04.12.2012.

    In Aug’2013, Hon’ble Supreme Court (SC) issued directives to MoEF and GoUK not to grant any Environment Clearance / Forest Clearance for any HEP in the state of Utttarakhand till further orders.

    In reference to CEA letter Dtd. 02.11.2018 revised Power Potential studies of Jhelum Tamak HEP has been submitted to CEA vide letter dtd.22.01.2019 considering e- flows as per the Gazette Notification 10.10.2018.

    CEA vide letter dtd. 08.08.2019 informed the following:

    In view of the revised e-flow release as notified in the Gazette notification dtd. 08.10.2018, the project is technically not viable for the IC of 108 MW which is likely to be reduced.

    The project is included in the list of 24 HEP’s under review by Hon’ble Supreme Court and fate of the project will depend on the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

    The DPR of JhelamTamak HEP (3x36 MW) is hereby deemed returned and all the partial clearances issued till date are rescinded.

    The DPR may be re-submitted with revised IC as per the New guidelines of CEA issued in January 2015 namely “Guidelines for Formulation of DPR for HE schemes, their acceptance for Concurrence.

    In reference to the meeting chaired by Chief Engineer (HPP&I) held in CEA on 03.01.02019 to review the status of hydro Purchase Obligation (HPO) trajectory, the desired 'Power Potential Study and Economical Evaluation of Jhelum Tamak HEP' was submitted to Director (HPP&I), CEA through letter dtd 11.03.2020.

    The project is included in the list of 24 HEPs under review by Hon’ble Supreme Court and decision of Hon’ble court is awaited.

    Environmental Impact Assessment of Jelam Tamak H.E. Project
    Environment Management Plan For Jelam Tamak H.E. Project
    Environmental Impact Assessement And Management Plan For Jelam Tamak H.E. Project

Updated on : 17/01/2022