• Towards diversification of the company into other energy areas, THDCIL has been entrusted with a coal based 1320 MW Khurja Super Thermal Power Station at Khurja in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
    1. THDCIL has entered into a MoU on 31st December’2010 with Govt. of U.P and UPPCL for setting up 2 x 660 MW Khurja Super critical Thermal Power Project in District Bulandshahr, U.P.  About 1200 acres of land was acquired by UPSIDC earlier at Khurja for industrial use which is being utilized for construction of the project.
    2. For Coal linkage, Ministry of Coal, GoI vide allotment order dtd.17.01.2017 has allotted Amelia Coal Mine in District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh to THDCIL to meet fuel requirements of the project. Development of coal mine is under process.
    3. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has also accorded investment approval on 07.03.2019 for Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant (STPP) in District Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh.
    4. Hon’ble Prime Minister has also laid foundation stone of Khurja Super Thermal Power Project on 09.03.2019. 

  • Salient features
    Location                     : Near Khurja, Distt: Bulandshahr, UP
    Proposed Capacity   : 2 x 660 MW (1320 MW)
    Technology               : Coal based Supercritical Thermal Power Project
    Fuel                             : Coal
    Fuel Requirement     : 5.6 MTPA
    Fuel Source               : Amelia Coal Mine (M.P.)
    Grade of Coal            : G9
    Average GCV            : 4746 kcal/kg
    Fuel Transportation : By Indian Railway Network
    Water Source            : Upper Ganga Canal
    C.W. System              : Recirculating type CW system with IDCT
    Power Evacuation     : Power generated from plant shall be evacuated through 400 kV Substation
    Steam turbines          : 2 Nos.
    Coal Fired Boilers     : 2 Nos.
    Chimney (Twin flue) : 2 Nos. (150 m high each)
    Special Project Features
    The Project is based on Ultra Supercritical Technology, Closed Cycle Water Recirculation System for Zero Discharge Concept, equipped with Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Upgraded Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) having efficiency more than 99% to control SOx, NOx and Particulate Matter respectively, conceptualized to perform even better than the latest emission norms of MoEF&CC.
  • Signing of MoUMoU for implementation of Khurja Super Thermal Power Project (1320 MW) signed among THDCIL, GoUP and UP Power Corporation Ltd on 31st December, 2010.
    Signing of PPAsPower Purchase Agreements for entire off take-off power to be generated from Khurja STPP signed by THCDIL prior to 05.01.2011 with Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.
    Re-Routing of NH-91NHAI on 29.10.2013 conveyed “in-principle” consent to re-route the NH-91 passing through the project land on Deposit Work basis.
    Work of rerouting of NH-91 has been awarded by NHAI on 09.09.2020.
    MoU for Transfer of 1200.843 Acres LandMoU for transfer of possession of already acquired 1200.843 acres of land (in four villages of Khurja Tehsil in Bulandshahr District of UP) to THDCIL signed with Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) on 14.12.3013.
    Land for Railway Siding of Khurja STPPLand License Agreement with North Central Railway, Prayagraj has been signed on 21.07.2020 for annual lease of required Railway land.
    Possession of 34.19 Ha Pvt. Land and 0.1706 Ha Govt. Land has been handed over to respective agencies of both packages of Railway Siding.
    Makeup WaterFormal water commitment letter for providing 43 Cusec water for Makeup Water System from Upper Ganga Canal at just 11 Km from Project site issued by Water Resource Department, GoUP on 12.06.2014.
    Work for construction of pump house and laying of Pipe line has been awarded by UP Jal Nigam on 07.10.21.
    Pre-Investment ApprovalPre-Investment Approval for incurring expenditure of Rs.585.82 Cr. towards Pre-Investment activities (like land acquisition, rerouting of National High way etc.) accorded by GoI on 20.11.2015.
    Availability of CoalFor Coal linkage, Ministry of Coal, GoI vide allotment order dtd.17.01.2017 has allotted Amelia Coal Mine in District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh to THDCIL to meet out fuel requirements of the project.
    Environmental ClearanceEC has been accorded to Khurja STPP by MoEF&CC on 30.03.2017.
    Construction Power5 MW peaking Construction Power for Khurja STPP approved on 24.07.2017.
    1st circuit of 33kV line from sub-station to project site has been charged by PVVNL on 31.08.2020.
    Clearance for ChimneyClearance for construction of chimney for Khurja STPP has been obtained from Airport Authority of India on 19th April, 2018 for a period of 05 years i.e. up to July, 2023.
    PIB ClearancePIB Clearance has been obtained for Khurja STPP on 27.02.2019.
    Investment ApprovalCCEA accorded investment approval for Khurja STPP in District Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh at an estimated cost of Rs.11,089.42 Cr.  (Dec-17 PL) on 07.03.2019.
    Foundation StoneHon’ble Prime Minister laid foundation stone of Khurja STPP on 09.03.2019.
    Award of Steam Generator and associated packages including site levelingSteam Generator & Associated Packages including site levelling (SG Pkg) has been awarded to M/S L&T MHPS Boiler Pvt. Ltd. (LMB) on 29.08.2019.
    Erection of Main Boiler Unit#1 & Main Boiler Unit#2 started on 20.02.2021 & 17.08.2021 respectively.
    Award of Turbine Generator and associated packagesTurbine Generator and Associated Packages (TG Pkg) has been awarded to BHEL on 03.10.2019.
    Award of Switchyard package.Switchyard Package (SY Pkg) has been awarded to M/S GE T&D on 26.02.2020.
    Award of Cooling Tower PackageCooling Tower package (CT Pkg) has been awarded to M/S Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd. on 15.12.2020.
    Award of Railway Siding PackagesTwo Civil Work Packages for construction of Railway Siding have been awarded on 29.10.2020.
    1st package has been awarded to M/s Jhajhariya Nirman Ltd. &
    2nd package has been awarded to M/s I.S.C-CMIPL (JV).
    Award of Coal, Limestone and Gypsum Handling Plant PackageCoal, Limestone and Gypsum Handling Plant Package has been awarded to M/s Thyssenkrupp Industries India Pvt. ltd. on 04.08.2021.
    Award of CW System Equipment PackageCW System Equipment Package has been awarded to M/s Flowmore Ltd. on 01.10.2021.
    Award of CW System Civil Works PackageCW System Civil Works Package has been awarded to M/s BHEL on 28.10.2021.
    Award of Water Treatment Plant and Miscellaneous packageWater Treatment Plant and Miscellaneous package has been awarded to M/s Gaja Engineering Pvt. Ltd. on 30.11.2021.
    Award of Ash Dyke PackageAsh Dyke Package has been awarded to M/s JPW Infratech Pvt. Ltd. on 11.03.22
    Power Evacuation400kV switchyard and Khurja-Aligarh Line-1 & Line-2 are read for power evacuation.
    As per allocation of power by MoP dtd. 15.11.2022, out of 1320 MW, 64.7% power (854 MW) is to be supplied to UP and balance power is to be supplied to other beneficiaries.
    UPPTCL will directly evacuate their share of power i.e. 64.7% power (854 MW) from Khurja STPP Switchyard Busbar through constructing LILO to Aligarh-Shamli 400 KV lines.
    Connectivity to ISTS has been granted vide CTU's intimation dated 18.03.2020.
    Major Milestones Achieved: 
    1. National Highway NH-91 diverted in Nov-22.
    2.TG-1 has been boxed up on 20.07.2023
    3.Boiler Hydro Test of Unit-1 has been successfully done on 15.03.2023 and for Unit-2 on 02.11.2023.
    4.Facility is ready to supply water for operation of Khurja Plant, 23.08.2023
    5.Unit-1 TG on Barring Gear achieved on 09.12.2023
  • Project Benefits

    9264MU of energy at 85% PLF will be available for export to the grid from the project.

Updated on : 19/12/2023