• Koteshwar HEP, about 22 km downstream of Tehri Dam, is an integral part of Tehri Hydro Power Complex (2400 MW). It consists of a 97.5m high concrete gravity dam across river Bhagirathi at Koteshwar and a surface power house accommodating four conventional type (Francis) generating units of 100MW each on the right-bank. The dam is provided with spillway having 4 bays to pass the probable maximum flood (PMF) discharge of 13243 Cumecs. The overflow spillway and energy dissipation arrangement has been located centrally in the river course itself. The Koteshwar reservoir has live storage capacity of 35.0 MCM and functions as lower (balancing) reservoir for Tehri PSP.

    Water released from Tehri Reservoir is regulated at Koteshwar HEP for maintaining continuous flow of water in the river downstream of Koteshwar for irrigation purpose and maintaining aquatic life as well as safety of population and pilgrims at places such as Deoprayag, Rishikesh and Haridwar. At least, one machine of KHEP runs continuously to help maintain continuous flow. KHEP is also facilitating the functioning of Tehri Hydro Power Complex as a major peaking station in the Northern Grid.

    All four units (Unit-I to IV) were synchronized with the Northern Grid in Mar’ 2011, Mar’ 2011, Jan’ 2012 & Mar’ 2012 and are in commercial operation w.e.f. 1st Apr’ 2011, 26th Oct’ 2011, 13th Feb’ 2012 & 1st Apr’ 2012 respectively.
    State Uttarakhand
    District Tehri Garhwal
    Vicinity Koteshwar Dam on river Bhagirathi is located near  Pendaras Village about 22 Km. downstream of Tehri Dam site.
    Catchments Area 7,691 sq. km. at dam site
    Snow catchments 2,328 sq. km.
    Design flood 13,240 cumecs
    Annual Run off 8.14 Km3 
    Annual normal water flow 258.0 cumecs
    Storage Reservoir
    Full Reservoir Level(FRL) EL. 612.5 m.
    Maximum Flood Level(MFL) EL. 615.0 m.
    Minimum Draw Down Level(MDDL) EL. 598.5 m.
    Gross Storage upto FRL 88.9 MCM.
    Live Storage Capacity 35.0 MCM

    Diversion Tunnel
    Size & Type8.0 m. dia. Horse shoe type
    Length593.0 m.
    Discharge1180 cumecs
    TypeConcrete Gravity
    Maximum height above Deepest Foundation Level97.5 m.
    Elevation of Top of dam EL 618.5 m.
    Crest Length 300.50
    Length of non-over-flow section196.50 m
    Discharge Capacity 
    at FRL(612.5 m.) 9,140 cumecs
    at MFL(615.0 m.) 13,240 cumecs
    Number of bays 4
    Bay width 18 m.
    Crest Elevation 594.50 m.
    Type of Service gates Radial
    Size of Gates18 m. x 16 m.
    Power Intake
    LocationRight Bank integrated into water  retaining structure.
    Intake Sill Level582.5 m.
    Number and size of Penstocks4 nos. 6.2 m. dia.
    Type of service gateFixed wheel
    Power House
    TypeSurface at toe of dam
    LocationRight Bank
    Number of Units4
    Rated Unit Capacity100 MW
    Installed capacity400 MW
    Type of TurbineVertical shaft Francis type
    Max. head75.0 m.
    Minimum head58.0 m.
    Rated head69.0 m
    Max. Flow through each Unit at rated head161 cumecs
    Switch Yard
    Type Outdoor on surface400 KV
    Size215.5 m x 136 m.
    Power Generation
    Design Energy in 90% dependable year1155 MU
    1.    Peaking Power- 400 MW
    2.    Design Energy-1155MU ( 90% dependable year)
    3.    Regulation of water releases from Tehri Reservoir for irrigation Purposes
    4.    Koteshwar Reservoir will function as the pre requisite lower reservoir for Tehri PSP

Updated on : 22/06/2023