Non-Interlocking (NI) of THDCIL Siding begins at Khurja STPP

Indian Railway in-coordination with THDC started the interconnecting work of the Howrah-Delhi line with THDC railway siding for Khurja STPP on 1st March 2024. This process is categorized as a Non-Interlocking (NI) which is approved by the Commissioner of Railway Safety to disconnect the signals, circuits and track-switches for permitted and limited period non-operation of the rail traffic. The sub-activities are Before Pre-Non-Interlocking (BPNI), Pre-NI & Post-NI.
From 1st March 2024, BPNI started with deployment of required Tools & Plant (T&P), skilled manpower under the supervision of Indian Railway, THDC & RITES Ltd. officials. Safety is the prime aspect to be taken care of while carrying out this work as there is frequent high-speed movement of the passenger trains on the adjoining tracks. The D-day is fixed on 12th March-2024, which means the complete stoppage of passenger trains for a defined time period. The connectivity works shall be completed within the time frame and is expected to finish on 18th March-2024.
This interconnectivity work will facilitate the movement of coal rakes incoming from Amelia coal mines into the THDCIL Railway siding at Danwar railway station. The THDCIL railway line will then connect Danwar station to coal unloading system of Khurja plant yard.
Non-Interlocking (NI) work which has begun on 1st March is a big milestone for KSTPP. It will link the newly constructed siding with the Indian Railway lines and the Indian Railways has approved and allotted an Alphanumeric code to the THDCIL siding. From now onwards, the station code- TKGD-13209299 will be reflected in IR system as station code for THDCIL railway siding.
Shri Kumar Sharad, ED (Project)- KSTPP, Shri Vijay Kumar, AGM (CHP & Rly. Siding), Shri Manoj Grover, AGM (F&A), Shri R.R. Pathak (DGM, Mining), Shri A.K. Vishwakarma (Sr. Manager, HR &A) and other senior officers of THDC, RITES & Indian Railway were present on this occasion. Shri Sharad congratulated the entire team and asked them to maintain the quality, protocols and necessary safety precautions while undertaking this work.

Updated on : 05/03/2024