Significant project milestones achieved at KSTPP, Khurja

Chemical cleaning of the Boiler Unit#1 was started on 17.01.2024 at Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant. The main purpose behind this remarkable achievement is to clean those areas of boiler pressure parts that handle water/saturated steam during operation. Chemical cleaning will help to remove dust, oil, and grease from the internal surfaces of the boiler by circulating alkali solutions. It will also remove mill scale and other deposits from inside the boiler by circulating acidic chemical solutions.
On the same day water successfully arrived in Clarifier (PT-CW) after traveling about 1.5 Km in 850mm dia. raw water pipe from raw water pump house to aerator (PT-CW) at WTP. After due treatment of water (PT-CW) at Water treatment plant, water will be fed in Cooling Water (CW) channel for further use. The work of WTP is being executed by M/s Gaja Engg. Both the achievements are crucial for the Boiler Light up and further commissioning of the project.
On the occasion of chemical cleaning Sh. Kumar Sharad (ED-Project), Sh. Prabhat Ranjan (AGM-Civil), Sh. Sandeep Bera (Project Director, LMB) and other senior officials of THDC, NTPC and LMB were present. While the event at WTP was witnessed by Sh. Kumar Sharad (ED-Project), Sh. Shailesh Dhyani (AGM-Mech.), Sh. Anil Tyagi (AGM-WTP), Sh. Kannadasn (Sr. Manager-WTP), Sh. Jeetendra Kumar (Manger-WTP), Sh. Nilesh Kumar (Dy. Manager), Sh. Harish (PM-Gaja) and other officials of THDC and NTPC.

Updated on : 25/01/2024