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2.  ढक्कनA Device for maintaining Physical Distance

The COVID-19 Pandemic situation has brought extreme constraints which are required to be fulfilled to ensure safety of an individual. In the present situation there is no such device or gadget which can be used to ensure Physical Distancing. Many regions in the country are facing the danger of Community Spread. Under these circumstances it is extremely difficult to make sure that people to people contact is avoided.
Our country has huge population with hard economic conditions. People are forced to come out of their homes to earn.  They are bound to come in very close contact of other persons.  Police/Home Guards/Scouts/Guides/Cadets/Volunteers etc. cannot be deputed at every point. What about the CHILDREN? Shall the Children remain always in their homes? Will they never enjoy the nature/market/gathering/SCHOOL again? What if the earning member goes out and accidently comes in contact with a carrier and returns home?
In such a situation a device is needed which can alert the people as soon as the safe distance is breached. A button shaped sensor based alarm system can be of great use. This device has been named “ढक्कन (DCN – Don’t Come Near)”.
This prototype device is made by THDCIL Employees who are also pursuing MBA(WX)-Company Sponsored course from IIM Kashipur :-
  • Gaurav Kumar, Manager(PR), Rishikesh
  • Siddhartha Kaushik, Dy. Manager(O&M), Koteshwar
  • Rahul Joshi, Dy. Manager(OMS), Rishikesh
  • Apurv Kumar, Dy. Manager(O&M), Koteshwar
  • Tanuj Singh Rana, Dy. Manager, Tehri PSP