Objectives :
The Central Vigilance Commission is constituted under the provisions of the Central Vigilance Commission Act of 2003 to exercise superintendence over vigilance matters and implementation of anti-corruption measures in the Central Government Departments and in their attached/subordinate offices, Government Companies, Societies and any local authority owned or controlled by the Central Government. The Commission has also been assigned superintendence over the functioning of the Central Bureau of Investigation in so far as it relates to offences alleged to have been committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Act 2018. It shall act as the “designated agency” for receipt of written complaints in allegation of corruption or misuse of office and recommend appropriate action under GOI Resolution “Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer” (Whistle Blower provision).
The prime objective of the Vigilance department is to advise the different departments and the organizations / institutions on vigilance related issues in respect of specific levels of officers falling within the jurisdiction of the Commission with regard to type of punishments etc. depending on the misconduct.
Complaints from public, various administrative authorities, NGOs etc. are generally one of the important sources of information for identification of vigilance related issues in the above mentioned organizations. Complaints to the Commission or Vigilance department are thus meant to result in punitive action against the erring public servant(s). Relief as such in the matter to the complaints is only incidental to the vigilance action. Redressal of grievances vis-à-vis Government organizations or public sector enterprises should not be the focus of complaints to the Vigilance.
Vigilance Department of THDCIL works based on the instructions and guidelines issued by CVC from time to time. Apart from dealing complaints directly received, THDCIL Vigilance department also deals with the complaints referred to it by Central Vigilance Commission, Ministry Of Power or any other appropriate sources.
Complaint Handling System:
1.    Complaint with Vigilance department of THDCIL can be lodged only on the matter related with corruption against officials belonging to the THDCIL organization and its JV (TUSCO, Lucknow) over which this office has jurisdiction.
2.    As regards complaints against tenders, it may be clarified that while the Vigilance department would  get  the  matter  investigated,  it  would  not  interfere  in  the  tender  processes.  The intention is not to stop the work in the organization and, therefore, the processing of tender would continue. However, based on the report, Vigilance department would take appropriate action in the matter.
3.    The complainant should note that Complaint should be signed by the complainant. Name and address of the complainant should be clearly mentioned in the complaint for verification of genuineness of complaint. Vigilance department does not entertain anonymous / pseudonymous complaints. Whenever the complainant for valid reasons requests that his identity be kept secret while processing the complaint, this will be ensured by the Vigilance department. Complaint must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and related matters. They should not be vague or contain sweeping general allegations. Complaint should normally be addressed directly to the Vigilance deptt. As the Vigilance department deals only with the matter of corruption, redressal of grievances should not be the focus of complaints.
4.   Complaints  should  be  addressed  to  the  Chief  Vigilance  Officer  and  may  be  sent  at  the following address:-
O/o  Chief Vigilance Officer Vigilance Department, THDC India Limited,
Ganga Bhawan, Pragatipuram,
Rishikesh, 249201
5.    Complaints can also be lodged on email-ID and while sending complaints, name   and   postal   address  of   complainant  is  mandatory  for  verifying   genuineness  of complaints. Anonymous/ Pseudonymous complaints would not be entertained by Vigilance department. Complainant may also indicate his contact numbers in the complaint.
Complaints can also be lodged online on ‘Vigilance’ Tab of THDCIL website
6.    Details of officials who can be contacted for Vigilance related complaints are as follows-
•   Vigilance department Rishikesh0135- 2473596
•   Chief Vigilance officer/ Rishikesh 0135- 2432840
•   Dy.Chief Vigilance Officer, Rishikesh0135- 2473438
•   DGM/Vigilance/Amelia, Singrauli 
•   DGM/Vigilance/Tehri/Koteshwar01376-236710
•   DGM/Vigilance/Pipalkoti01372-256219
•   Sr.Manager/Vigilance/Tusco-Solar, Lucknow9927430800
•   DGM/Vigilance/Khurja 9411144950
Once  a  complaint  is  registered  and  verified  by  the  Vigilance  department,  no  further correspondence will be done or entertained. However, the Vigilance department will ensure that complaints are investigated and action is taken to its logical conclusion. The status of online complaints can be seen on the organization’s website.
7.    As a sample of good draft of complaint is attached as enclosure.
Complaint Format
Name of the Complainant : 
Address of the Complainant: 
State /District/ City : 
Phone Details of the Complainant : 
Name   of the officials against whom complaint is being
Designation/Post : 
Organization/Unit/Department : 
Details of Allegations/Misconduct/Corrupt Acts :