Turbine Box Up: Khurja STPP(2X660MW)

Khurja project team has achieved a significant milestone of “Turbine Box Up” of unit #1 on 20th July’23 in the august presence of Director (Technical), THDCIL. Completion of this activity marks a major milestone as the project is one step closer to next major milestone i.e. TG Barring Gear which is planned for 05th Sept’ 23. However, the project is planned to be commissioned in Feb’24. The reheat, regenerative and condensing type Turbine of Khurja STPP consists of four nos. steam turbines including one single flow High pressure (HP) turbine, one double flow Intermediate Pressure (IP) turbine, and two double flow Low Pressure (LP) turbines. These turbines efficiently convert the energy of steam into mechanical energy. As steam enters the turbine system at pressure of 270 bar and temperature of 600oC, it passes through the high pressure turbine, where it undergoes the initial stage of expansion. The steam after reheating moves in to the intermediate pressure turbine where further expansion occurs.Finally, the steam reaches the low pressure turbines, where the remaining pressure is utilized for additional expansion. This system allows for optimal energy extraction of 660 MW from the steam, maximizing the overall efficiency of the turbine system. This achievement has laid up the foundation for the commencement of TG Barring Gear activity which shall carve the path for Unit Synchronization planned in Dec’23.

Updated on : 26/07/2023